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Meet Ashley Lee, your go-to for balancing life, party planning, and world travel. Get tips on parenting, travel, family, and lifestyle here.

A Cali native with a love for OC and LA, I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Kenton, and we run Kash Elite Group, specializing in luxury rentals and real estate projects.

Dedicated to being the best mom, I’m here to share my open-book life, inspiring others. Join us on our Family YouTube Channel, Living LavishLee.

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family-friendly adventures, and plan your own remarkable journeys.


Costa Rica

Tropical Paradise: Luxury Amid Nature's Beauty



Rosewood Luxury: Kids Play, S'mores Night by Bonfire.



Romance, Relaxation, and Adventure for Couples



Baoase Resort, serenity in Curacao's tropical luxury.

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Join Ashley Lee’s Travel Adventures: Embark on journeys worldwide, from hidden gems to popular destinations, and experience the magic of travel.

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Barceló Maya Grand Resort – Mexico’s Top Spot
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Costa Rica's Tropical Paradise: Springs Resort
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Hyatt Indian Wells Resort Tour
Ashley Lee with Happy family
Monarch Beach Resort & Club, California
Couple in Bali
3 Unforgettable Bali Activities for Couples

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