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5 Reasons Establishing The Importance of Daily Routine For Kids

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With the pandemic, families all over the world have had to alter their daily routines. Parents are working from home, kids’ schools are closed, and chaos arises. During the past year, life has been in a state of panic. My family and I had to relearn and reinvent how we usually do things at home. And it has not been easy. We are still learning how to make things work for the better every day. Our youngest daughter was born during the pandemic’s peak in April of 2020, which changed everything for us. What we thought “life” would be was no longer that. We had to learn how to function as a family with a newborn, work, school, and run our businesses all from home 24/7.

Being quarantined prompted me to think about schedules and routines and how they play a big part in our lives. It may come as a surprise to some, but, just like us adults, our kids need schedules and routines in their life too. I am not talking about super strict schedules that detail every second or minute of your kid’s daily activity. I am referring to the type of routine that reinforces the idea of a structure, something that is flexible but can help keep your kids grounded and us parents sane.

Whether you established a daily routine for kids to sleep, toilet training, or mealtimes, having a structure to follow allows kids to develop essential life skills and positive habits early on.

Let us look at how familiar activities can benefit our children and establish a routine of daily activities at home that works for all family members.

The Benefits of Establishing a Routine for Kids

As a parent, I know that kids can be all over the place. One minute, they are quietly playing in a corner; the next thing you know, they have managed to rip your favorite book to shreds. But while it may seem contradictory, kids thrive in a structured or predictable environment. You might ask yourself, “why are routines important for children?”

Your child’s world is quickly changing, and all these changes that come at a fast rate may end up overwhelming your little one. Routines and schedules add a layer of consistency to your child’s daily life, enabling them to explore their world worry-free, according to Dr. Victoria Fleming, a child and family therapist.

According to the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, routines and schedules for children are important because they help kids develop relationships with the people they interact with regularly. Routine gives them a sense of belonging, making them feel safe and comfortable.

There is a lot your child can gain from having an established routine, such as:

  • Allows for an easier transition to schedules and healthy habits

Having an established routine can help kids ease into the daily preschool schedule. For example, a consistent routine involving bedtimes and mealtimes allows kids to learn when to start preparing for bed or lunch. Daily routine for kids also paves the way for building healthy habits in children, such as brushing their teeth before bedtime or practicing reading and writing before lunchtime. 

  • Establishes the concept of skills and a sense of responsibility

A toddler’s daily routine enables kids to develop life skills, such as time management. A family routine that involves chores can teach kids how to be responsible, which paves the way for independence. 

  • It gives kids a sense of independence

When kids know what will happen next, they will feel more secure, capable, and comfortable. Once they have gotten used to routines, they may start to do things by themselves, which is, for parents, a great source of pride.

I found that what works for my kids is giving them the ability to feel like they are deciding for themselves. Give your child two options. Both options of which you are okay. Such as, which pajamas do you want to wear? The pink one or the blue one? Let them decide. The answer, either way, should be okay with you but will allow your child to feel some independence like they decided on their own.

  • It makes kids better equipped to handle changes

There are times when kids are faced with the unpredictable. By instilling in them a solid sense of structure, they may learn from it and make them more capable of handling unexpected changes. 

  • It gives kids something to look forward to

Establishing routines where kids know what to expect gives them something to look forward to. Say you have made every Saturday night a family movie night. Your kids will then come to expect this and be excited about Saturday nights.

How to Create a New Daily Routine

So, how do you begin creating a daily routine of a child that works?

Right off the bat, I will tell you that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every child and every family is unique. You have different dynamics and family values that you will have to consider.

I am sharing some of my favorite practical tips to help you get started:

  • Plan routines beforehand

Think about what you want to focus on and start with that. Try to come up with a routine where everyone in the family knows and understands their role.

  • Keep it simple

You might be tempted to create a detailed structure. I know that usually is how I am but try to keep it as simple as possible. You can always add new activities as your child grows. Eventually, they can even throw in their ideas.

  • Strive for consistency

Establishing schedules and routines takes a lot of time and hard work, but you should strive to be consistent and predictable. Make sure that activities happen in the same order, so kids will know what to expect.

Establishing a schedule and daily routine for kids is great, but it should not be too strict, which takes out the fun. Schedules and routines for children are there to guide us. When executed correctly, they can help us make the most out of our daily lives during these unpredictable times.

What are some routines you set with your kids?

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