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Exploring the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection’s Unrivaled Luxury

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My husband and I recently enjoyed a three-week adventure across Europe. We kicked off with a lovely week in Italy, followed by a lavish cruise aboard the Ritz-Carlton. We then had a Parisian week. Even though we missed our girls back home, it was the perfect couple’s vacation.
I have so many things to share—travel tips and tricks from our personal experiences. In this post, we’ll highlight the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. Onboard Evrima, we traveled to Italy, Monaco, and Southern France. Let’s explore why the Ritz-Carlton cruise is the perfect adventure for your next couple (or family) getaway.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz-Carlton represents luxury. Unsurprisingly, its yacht collection presents the same approach to travel. Guests have three luxurious options: Evrima, Ilma, and Luminara. Each yacht offers the same top-notch experience you can expect from the Ritz-Carlton hotels. This means personalized service, exquisite dining, exceptional accommodations, and spacious suites. However, you’re sailing across the sea this time, navigating from one stunning locale to another.
The yacht my husband and I chose is Evrima. The extravagance of the cruise ship truly took my breath away. Translated to “discovery” in Greek, Evrima is the ultimate way to explore the world in style. With the tagline “extraordinary on land, amazing at sea,” you know you’re boarding a ship with a gold standard on a commitment to service and hospitality.
Evrima is enormous, sleek, yet intimate, with just below 300 guests. Every suite has a personal concierge, ensuring you only get the best treatment. The cruise ship provides an all-inclusive experience, from in-suite espresso machines to higher-tier mini luxuries.

Spacious Luxury on the High Seas

Evrima offers six suite options: The Owner’s, The View, The 2-Story Loft, The Grand, The Signature, and The Terrace. Each suite provides a range of amenities that cater to your every desire. The personalized touches redefine comfort. The high-tech touches were a particularly delightful feature as well.
We stayed in a mid-level Terrace Suite, which honestly felt incredibly spacious for a cruise ship. The balcony offered mesmerizing ocean views. It’s an ideal spot for morning coffee or a sunset cocktail. We loved having a personal iPad to control everything from lighting to room service. The bed was beyond luxurious, featuring a custom king-bed sleep system. The bathroom was a haven of pampering, boasting a double vanity and a modern shower system.

A Culinary Adventure at Sea

The luxurious yacht offers a variety of dining experiences to tantalize your taste buds. If you’re craving refined elegance, you need to try The Evrima Room. This dining haven highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients in classic and contemporary dishes. For brunch, we ordered lobster rolls and decadent foie gras parfaits.

For those like us who love Asian cuisine, Talaat Nam offers vibrant flavors inspired by Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, and beyond. Each beautifully presented dish spotlights fresh herbs, exotic spices, and unexpected textures. We savored delicious kimchi fried rice, ramen, and dim sum servings.

Evrima also has more casual options. Mistral is an outdoor eatery ideal for basking in the sun with ocean-fresh seafood and grilled specialties. The Pool House offers casual fare with an open-air vibe for a quick bite or your morning coffee fix. And let’s not forget the option to have a delicious meal delivered directly to your suite for a cozy night of in-room dining.

Life On Board

Life onboard Evrima is an escape in itself. My husband and I chose to stay onboard on Day 2 instead of exploring Bastia, Italy. That says a lot. The entertainment and relaxation spaces onboard are worth exploring.
The cruise ship has a deluxe spa that offers soothing massages and revitalizing facials. If you’re a gym buff, the sleek and modern fitness studio, with modern equipment and motivating classes, is a dream.
Another fantastic spot is The Living Room, where guests can unwind. Curl up with a good book, enjoy afternoon tea, or indulge in a friendly game night with fellow travelers. We played Connect Four here while sipping wine and sampling cheese.
The Ritz Kids area is a godsend if you’re with children. It’s a dedicated space where young cruisers can play, learn, and make new friends. The supervised activities provide time for relaxation while the kids enjoy their shipboard adventures. Additional services are available during holidays and summer.
There are several dedicated relaxation areas onboard, like The Humidor, where you can unwind with a premium cognac and an excellent selection of premium hand-rolled cigars. Just like the yacht itself, entertainment and enrichment onboard are intimate affairs. The ship features in-house classical and jazz musicians who deliver highly personal performances across the various venues onboard.

Exploring Europe

On Day 3, we disembarked in Portofino, Italy. We strolled through town, shopped, and had lunch at a waterfront restaurant. The pasta and seafood were heavenly! We then hiked up to a hilltop to enjoy the stunning coastline view.
The following day, we ventured into Monte Carlo. Monaco radiates an aura of luxury and excitement. Jumping on a bus tour, we marveled at the highlights—the Prince’s Palace, the iconic Casino. It felt like stepping into a movie.
Next on our itinerary is the charming Saint Tropez. We checked in at the magnificent Chateau de la Messardière for a night. To say this hotel is breathtaking is an understatement. Our spacious suite is fit for royalty. It has a compact living room area, a sizeable walk-in closet, a king-size bed, and a modern bathtub. They also provide complementary items like hats and bags. I personally loved the silk and soft pajamas! But best of all, the stunning views of rolling hills, vineyards, and the Mediterranean Sea are unforgettable.
We then soaked up the sun at Nikki Beach Club. Again, the food was phenomenal. We had lobster with spicy pasta in a bed of tomatoes for lunch and roasted herb chicken for dinner.

Sail Away in Style

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is exceptional for luxury enthusiasts and sets high standards for first-time cruisers. With approximately 250 crew members onboard, guests are guaranteed personalized and impeccable service. I highly recommend it.
Check out our cruise week. For travel tips and information, feel free to contact me.