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Lymphatic Massage Benefits – What To Expect

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One of my favorite beauty treatments to indulge in is lymphatic massages. I was referred to a place by my dear friend and wax lady, Kim ( She told me about IMD Beauty Spa in Beverly Hills, CA (IMD Beauty Spa). They have a New York location if you live out there or are maybe even traveling out there. I live a couple of blocks from the Beverly Hills location, so I love to go early in the morning once a week on Saturdays before my kids wake up. The salon is spotless and beautiful. There are several private rooms as well as private infrared sauna rooms where you will “sweat it out.” You get the all-in-one service when you come to this place. Before learning the lymphatic massage benefits, let’s start with what lymphatic massage is.

What is a lymphatic massage, and what is so great about it?

Lymphatic massage helps improve blood circulation, fluid balance, and immunological function. My favorite part is that it helps remove toxins from the body and get its lymphatic fluids moving to restore balance.

Why should you get a lymphatic massage? 

Lymphatic massages help digestive problems, reduce cellulite appearance, hormone imbalances, create healthier skin, help with body aches, and a list of other things.

What to expect?  

After you fill some forms about your health history, your therapist will take you back into a private room. Your therapist will ask you a few questions about your health and what made you decide to get lymphatic drainage massages. They will provide you with a disposable panty and bra to wear. The therapist will then rub you down with magnesium cream and wrap your body in black saran wrap (which helps promote sweating). After you are covered, she will walk you to your private infrared sauna room, where you will sit for 15 minutes at 150 degrees or so. They will provide you with water while you are in there. You will sweat during this process, and after the 15 minutes are up, she will bring you back into your room. She will remove the wrap and rub off the magnesium and begin the massage. The massage lasts about 45 minutes with a series of deep tissue massages using her hands or a wooden roller. After the massage, you will get dressed and leave feeling amazing!

What is so great about IMD Spa?

I love coming here first and foremost because I feel safe. Due to COVID, I know it has been making people worldwide anxious and afraid during this time. But at IMD Spa they have excellent COVID procedures in place. They take your temperature when you arrive, and from that point on, you are in your own space away from others. I never run into other people when I am there. It almost feels like I have the place all to myself.

What does the infrared sauna do?

The sauna helps induce sweating in the body, which helps clear out toxins, promote clearer skin, relaxation, weight loss, improved circulation throughout the body, and reduces sore muscles. There are many other health benefits of lymphatic massage outside of the ones I have listed.

What types of creams do they use on your body during the massage?

During the massage, my massage therapist used three different types of creams. She used menthol, arnica, and anti-inflammatory herbs, all of which are great for the body.

How do you feel after the massage?

After the massage, I immediately felt much lighter. My muscles felt not as tight, and my body felt less bloated. You should up your water intake immediately after the massage. I always try to drink about a gallon of water after my treatment. You will pee a lot, but peeing is good. You will release all those harmful toxins from the body. Let me know if you have already done it or planning to do it in the future!

* I am not a medical professional. All medical information is solely for informational purposes and based on my own personal experience. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have.*